The Group

The Trisit® company has been part of the Gebrüder Achter Group since beginning of 2001. The companies within Gebrüder Achter Group have several decades of experience in the textile industry, working in the development of new textile and composite materials as well as innovative production techniques. The group currently includes the companies Recytex, Trisit® and Comp-tex. These companies are working very closely together, taking advantage of their common know-how to achieve synergetic effects and best solutions for customer’s special requirements.

Recytex ( based in Germany and Spain specializes in manufacturing of materials for noise dampening used for motors and generators and in acoustic solutions for offi ces and interior applications. Furthermore coated yarns are part of their product line. They are known under the brand name CoreCoat.

Comp-tex ( develops and produces gel-derived, water-based, highgrade fi nishing agents for textiles, leather and paper (nanoscaled products).