Our Company

Trisit® Textiltechnologie GmbH & Co. KG is a company specialising in developing and manufacturing three-dimensional textiles.

Trisit® develops and produces 2D- and 3D- textiles in a single working cycle so that different structures and properties such as stretch, strength and material thickness are specifi cally incorporated into the customised textile in accordance with the customer’s requirements. The fi nished product emerges from the machine in a ‘single sweep’ and stages involved in downstream processing of cutting to size and stitching can be greatly reduced. This technique opens up completely new possibilities in developing materials and designing surfaces. Our determined textile forming enables us to provide an enormous variety of different designs. Furthermore producing each fabric individually leads to signifi - cant savings in the area of materials management and logistics.

Our well-founded expertise in application engineering and our cost-oriented approach, protected by numerous patents, makes Trisit® one of the world’s leading providers in the fi eld of 3D knitting.